Commander                                                 Bro. Glen K. Bryan, 32nd Deg., KCCH
1st Lt. Commander                                       Bro. Dana Oldenberg, 32nd Deg., KCCH
Secretary                                                     Bro. Robert J. Moynihan III, 32nd Deg.,KCCH
Chaplain                                                      Bro. Larry E. Kent, 32nd Deg., KCCH
Captain of the Guard                                    Bro. Bro. Edward J. Mayfield Jr., 32nd Deg., KCCH

All Knight Commanders of the Court of Honor (KCCH) are members of the Ocala Court.  The Court meets quarterly on the 3rd  Monday of the following months:  January, April, July and October at 6:30 pm

The first of the honors of the Scottish Rite is the Knight Commander of the Court of Honor. It was a designation conceived by Grand Commander Albert Pike to honor men of outstanding ability and commitment. A Brother must have been a 32° Mason (a Master of the Royal Secret) for at least 46 months before the Supreme Council can vote on his nomination for the honour. In order to nominate a Brother, the Sovereign Grand Inspector General or the Deputy of the Supreme Council in whose Orient the Brother has his primary membership fills out a form, giving the Brother's name, Masonic and other history, and the reasons for his nomination. He then submits the form in advance of the Biennial Session to the Supreme Council. The vote of the Supreme Council must be unanimous. 

Elections have been held at the 15 October 2018 meeting and the following Brothers were elected to the positions indicated:

Commander:  Brother Glen K. Bryan, 32nd Degree, KCCH

First Lieutenant Commander: Brother Dana Oldenberg, 32nd Degree, KCCH

Chaplain:  Brother Larry Kent, 32nd Degree, KCCH

Captain of the Guard:  Brother Ed Mayfield, 32nd Degree, KCCH

Secretary:  Brother Bob Moynihan, 32nd Degree, KCCH

These brothers will be installed for the upcoming Masonic Year at the 3 December 2018 open meeting of the Scottish Rite, Valley of Ocala, Orient of Florida and are listed above as the officers for 2019. 

Knight Commander of the Court of Honor

Valley of Ocala, Florida