Brothers Jim Chaffin and Bob Moynihan  have agreed to continue to work the reunions through 2018, both reunions.  We have completed all degrees with scripts printed out, in a book, for both the boardroom communicating of work and the lodge room, long and short forms.  All this data has been placed on the Valley Laptop and the General Secretary has all the work.

We, the Valley, need somebody to be in training over the next year so they have the ability to continue the reunion work.  Everything we have is the culmination of years and hours of work.  What we need is somebody who has the  dedication and desire to continue the work so that reunions can be done.  We both, also, want to be available to work with whoever takes over and help them.

Brothers Mike Rice, Bill Kitchens and Bill Gild have been working with Bob and Jim to take over the lodge room and board room  duties.  Our many thanks to them for stepping forward.

Illustrious Brother Earl Hancock will be the new director of the work starting in January 2019.    

Renuion Dates for 2018


October,  a one day class to be held: - 6 October: Day 2 - 20 October