Annual Program

April---Ceremony of Lights

The chapter degrees of Knights Rose Croix of Heredom

The fifteenth through eighteenth degrees comprise the Chapter of Rose Croix. It commences with the trials of those who acquired knowledge, and who wish to climb to yet higher truths. The Chapter of Rose Croix presents faith, hope and charity as sure guides to our actions, and as the safest paths through adversity. We are instructed to follow them in their highest form of human expression; as compassion and the law of love. By this means we will arrive at a solution to one of the great enigmas of nature and the manifested world. The fifteenth degree is intimately connected with the one that succeeds it and relates to the Babylonish captivity, which lasted seventy years, the release and return of over forty two thousand captives to Jerusalem and the attempt to build the second temple. The sixteenth degree continues the lessons of the fifteenth with a particular emphasis on the belief that God aids those who pursue a good work, are faithful, and can practice the virtue of wisdom. The seventeenth is the first of the series of modern or accepted degrees, used in contradistinction to the term ancient. It is also designated the first of the philosophic degrees where the word is again lost, and, figuratively, the third temple – in the heart of man – is to be built and dedicated to the God of truth. In the eighteenth degree, the novice is still in search of truth and the lost word. Among other great truths we learn here that “whatever your religion, your birth place, or your language, you are among brethren. One language is spoken in common, the language of the Scottish Rite of masonry, which speaks directly to the heart. 

Wise Master                      Bro. Edward J. Mayfield Jr., 32nd Deg., KCCH
Senior Warden                  Bro. Glenn Wyatt, 32nd Deg., KCCH
Junior Warden                  Bro. John M. Gysen, 32nd Deg.
Orator                              Bro. James R. Hawkins 32nd Deg.
Master of Ceremonies       Bro. Miles Goodman 32nd Deg
Expert                              Bro. David A. Dix 32nd Deg.
Assistant Expert                Ill. Robert J. Moynihan III, 33rd Deg.
Standard Bearer                Bro. James E. Chaffin, 32nd Deg., KCCH
Guardian of the Temple     Bro. Dana Oldenburg, 32nd Deg., KCCH