Annual Program

June---Flag Day Celebration

Commander                                Bro. Robert F. Ramieh, 32nd Deg.,  KCCH 
1st Lt. Commander                     Bro. Edward J. Mayfield Jr., 32nd Deg., KCCH 
2nd Lt. Commander                    Bro. John R. Story, 32nd Deg., KCCH
Chancellor                                 Bro. Larry E. Kent, 32nd Deg., KCCH

Orator                                       Bro. James A. Smith, 32nd Deg.
Master of Ceremonies                 Bro.  Glenn E. Wyatt, 32nd Deg.KCCH

Turcopiler                                   Bro. Sam Ramdial, 32nd Deg.
Draper                                       Bro.  John A. Streb, 32nd Deg.                                           
1st Deacon                                  Bro.  Phil E. Labert, 32nd Deg.
2nd Deacon                                 Bro. Russel M. Owens, 32nd Deg.
Bearer of the Beauceant             Bro.  David "Mike" Rice, 32nd Deg. 
Bearer of the White Standard      Bro. Howard W. Skinner, 32nd Deg.
Bearer of the Black Standard       Bro.  Tony Martin, 32nd Deg.
Lieutenant of the Guard              Bro.  Dana Oldenberg, 32nd Deg., KCCH

Introduction to the Council of Kadosh

The Council of the Kadosh comprises the nineteenth through the thirtieth degrees. The word kadosh is Hebrew, and means 'consecrated or dedicated.' its members are dedicated to the discovery of philosophic truths and the chivalric virtues. This series of degrees presents various concepts of deity and man's search to discover him. Remember that these lessons are provided for instruction, not as doctrine. The manner in which you worship the creator is a private concern, and freemasonry will not interfere with it. Our symbols are to be interpreted within the confines of your own beliefs, without intrusion. The degrees in this series also teach of certain orders of knighthood and the lessons we should draw from their history and deeds. As one ponders these degrees and their nature in religious and political philosophy, we bear in mind they are so many steps in the mystic ladder by which we ascend to the knowledge of the true word, to the knowledge of God and nature, which is his revelation. These degrees, therefore, are instructions by symbols and their interpretations in political, philosophical and religious knowledge. To God's wisdom, by which everything begins and ends, his creation of the universe, the soul's immortality – masonry strives to teach the truth.