Annual Programs

November---Feast of Tishri  followed by the Ring Ceremony conducted by the Director of Work with the assistance of the KSA.

Venerable Master                          Bro. William C. Wagner Jr., 32nd Deg., KCCH

Senior Warden                              Bro. Samuel S. Ramdial, 32nd Deg 
Junior Warden                              Bro. Edward J. Mayfield Jr., 32nd Deg.,KCCH   

Orator                                          Bro. John A. Streb, 32nd Deg.

Prelate                                         Bro. John F. Consoli, 32nd Deg.  

Master of Ceremonies                   Bro. Howard Skinner, 32nd Deg.
Expert                                          Bro. John R. Story, 32nd Deg., KCCH

Assistant Expert                            Bro. Larry E. Kent, 32nd Deg., KCCH
Captain of the Host                       Bro. David "Mike" Rice, 32nd Deg.  

Introduction to the Lodge of Perfection- 4th to 14th degrees

The work of the Scottish Rite is to inspire and teach man that he must improve, refine, and perfect himself. He must become a fit and worthy recipient of the royal secret, with the requisite knowledge that such a responsibility demands. The degrees of the Scottish Rite constitute a journey towards ever broadening horizons of knowledge. They teach of virtue, honor, truth and the duty to direct one's life towards those ends in all we think, speak, and do. Though each degree, or body of degrees, may have a general theme, no degree teaches only a single lesson, just as no symbol has only a single meaning. Rather, our rite is a great tapestry of knowledge, where various threads of moral, ethical, philosophical, religious, political and mythical thought and symbolism are interwoven to create a great body of teachings and lessons. These lessons have their application both for the invididual and for society as a whole. Some of the lessons are easily apparent; others reveal themselves only to the determined seeker or worker in the quarry. What you put into your scottish rite experience will be returned to you in like measure. The Scottish Rite is composed of four constituted bodies. The Lodge of Perfection governs a group known as the ineffable degrees. They begin with the fourth degree and culminate with the discovery of the ineffable name of God, which is the lost word of freemasonry in the thirteenth degree. An explanation will be presented in the fourteenth degree, also known as the degree of perfection.